Ha ezt latod: Information Store – db name: A request to read from the file “path:\db.edb” at offset 76751372288 (0x00000011debd0000) for 262144 (0x00040000) bytes succeeded, but took an abnormally long time (10 seconds) to be serviced by the OS. In addition, 1 other I/O requests to this file have also taken an abnormally long time to be serviced since the last message regarding this problem was posted 10333 seconds ago. This problem is likely due to faulty hardware. Please contact your hardware vendor for further assistance diagnosing the problem


Akkor 90% ek hogy hw hibad van…

Ja es ne higy a hw-snak ha aztmondja hogy kicserelt valamit de a hiba meg mindig van…

Ha elkezded ujrahuzni akkor attol jobb nem lesz.
addig dobald vissza a hw-esnak amig jo nem lesz 😀
lehet hogy eroskodni fog hogy o mar csinalt valamit… de akkor is nyugodtan dolj hatra es vard meg mig kicserel mindent egyesevel ha masodszorra se talalja el 😀

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